Aikido in Leuven

Welcome to the website of Ban Sen Juku Leuven. On the following pages, you can find more information about who we are, what we do, and what it can do for you. If you are not from around Leuven, please find information about our other dojos on


Aikido, a martial art based on rich Japanese traditions, was developed by O Sensei (“great teacher”) Morihei Ueshiba over a period of more than 60 years.
Morihei Ueshiba lived from 14 December 1883 to 26 April 1969.

Ban Sen Juku

Ban Sen Juku International Traditional Budo Culture School was founded in 1988 by Tomita Sensei Shihan (8th dan).
In 1957 he earned his shodan under Tanaka Bansen (1912~1988, 9th dan), who was one of O-Sensei’s favourite students.

Ban Sen Juku Leuven

The Ban Sen Juku branch in Leuven was founded in 1992 by Tomita-sensei and a few faithful students. Sensei Wim Van Laer (4th Dan ) was drawn to the aikido mastery of Tomita-sensei, and joined the group in October 1993.

Our dojo

For the last years, our dojo has found a home in the sportshall KA Redingenhof in Leuven.
The main dojo in Brussels regularly organizes advanced classes led by Tomita sensei.(left, the oldest Dojo in Kyoto)


Everyone is welcome at any time for a free trial class. Please indicate in advance if you wish to attend a course, provide sportswear or dogi.
We are an open door dojo and gladly welcome any visitor to joing our search search for "the truth."

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