Ban Sen Juku

International school for traditional Japanese martial culture with training facilities (DOJOS) in Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Reunion Island, Singapore, Spain, Tahiti, Taiwan, United Kingdom.

Ban Sen Juku International Traditional Budo Culture School was founded in 1988 by Tomita Sensei Shihan (8th dan). Seiji Tomita was born in Japan in 1938, and started his studies of budo at the age of six. He started with sumo, kendo, and judo; later on, he also studied karate, iaido and aikido. When he was 18, he met O-sensei, and decided thereafter to concentrate fully on Aikido.

In 1957 he earned his shodan under Tanaka Bansen (1912~1988, 9th dan), who was one of O-Sensei’s favourite students.

In 1988 Tomita-sense settled in Beligum and started a dojo in Antwerp. In 1992, he opened a dojo in Brussels, followed by others in Leuven, Ghent, and Liege.

Ban Sen Juku, the name of the school, refers to Tanaka Bansen, but the full translation is “The School of Ten Thousand Streams”. It is this name, with a symbol of a fan, that is the emblem of the dojo. Tomita Sensei’s aikido starts from one idea that includes all other ideas and techniques: one is equal to ten thousand, and ten thousand is equal to one.


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