Masakatsu Dojo


As from end december 2014, our dojo has found a home in the USporthal KA Redingenhof in Redingenstraat 90, 3000 Leuven.

The Following classes are held weekly:

* starters (over 10 years old) thursday 19:00 - 20:30
* higher levels (over 16 years old) thursday 20:30 - 22:00
* all levels (over 10 years old) saturday 10:00 - 12:00


Our main dojo in Brussels regularly organizes additional advanced classes, led by Tomita sensei, in the following forms: Weapons class, Teachers’ course, Black Belt course, Ki-training...

Masakatsu dojo always participates in the following events organized by the Ban Sen Juku school:
  • - Kagami Biraki: seminar and party at the opening of the new year
  • - Easter seminar: three-day Easter course in the Ardennes
  • - Day of the Rising Sun: the annual anniversary seminar in Brussels
  • - Summer Camp: five-day course in Temple-sur-Lot in France
  • - Seaside seminar: two-day seminar on the coast in early autumn
  • - Bōnenkai: seminar and party at the end of the year.

In Masakatsu dojo, all levels train together. There are no special classes for starters and there are no fixed starting points for training. Everyone is welcome at any time of the season to start his or her education.

During each lesson all aspects of training are covered: specific warm-up and stretching, falling and rolling techniques, armed and unarmed aikido techniques, aiki-iaido (sword practice for consolidation of aikido-concepts) and, of course, the mental training with which all these aspects are associated.

Anyone is always welcome for a free trial. Just give us some advance notice, and bring along some loose-fitting clothing, or a dogi.
Masakatsu dojo warmly welcomes those from other dojos and disciplines.
We are an open-door dojo and all are invited to participate in our quest to do - the truth.
We encourage our own members to widen their own perspectives and insights by visiting other schools and disciplines. Additionally, we regularly give guest seminars at other schools.

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