Ban Sen Juku Leuven, Masakatsu Dojo

The Ban Sen Juku branch in Leuven was founded in 1992 by Tomita-sensei and a few faithful students. Sensei Wim Van Laer (4th Dan) was drawn to the aikido mastery of Tomita-sensei, and joined the group in October 1993.


In September 2001, Wim-sensei took over the daily management and the practical organizaiton of the Leuven branch of the affiliated dojo.
The dojo has to date a steady growth, thanks to the efforts of Tomita-sensei himself, and to a solid core of motivated aikidoka who, through practice, constantly endeavour to expand the legacy of BanSenJyuku.

In 2010, the dojo was named Masakatsu dojo. The name stems from O-Sensei's motto, "Masakatsu - Agatsu – Katsuhayabi" (True Victory is Self-Victory - Day of Swift Victory!)



As from end december 2014, our dojo has found a home in the Sports Hall KA Redingenhof / Redingenstraat 90, 3000 Leuven.

The Following classes are held weekly:

* starters (over 10 years old) thursday 19:00 - 20:30
* higher levels (over 16 years old) thursday 20:30 - 22:00
* all levels (over 10 years old) saturday 10:00 - 12:00

Sports hall KA Redingenhof, Redingenstraat 90, 3000 Leuven Sensei: Wim Van Laer 4de Dan

Masakatsu dojo is open every week of the year to study the Aikido of Tomita-sensei and to grow on his winged words:

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